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We help move existing programs from good to great by providing dual language immersion specific workshops.

created BY dli educators FOR dli educators

design to align: Discover how your dli program promotes or unintentionally hinders student attainment of bilingualism/biliteracy, academic achievement in more than one language and cross-cultural competency.


strong leaders = strong dli programs: Develop a team of leaders, both directly and indirectly involved with your dli program, and explore how to navigate issues common to dli education.


making unity priority 1: Fill your “toolkit” with practices designed to build a vibrant school or district culture that embraces linguistic and cultural differences while enhancing learning for ALL students and educators.


observations and reflections: Schedule classroom visits with an experienced dual language instructional coach in order to actively reflect on teaching practice that balances language and content instruction and to set your own manageable goals.


progress monitoring: Learn how to integrate effective formative assessment practice in daily instruction, help dli students set learning targets and communicate academic and biliteracy growth to key stakeholders.


survival essentials: Engage new dli teachers with your program goals and pedagogical expectations while equipping them with strategies that help foster classroom culture that balances language and content instruction.


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