Small Talk

We help you introduce families to the idea of immersion through interactive language classes.

Connecting with school, community, and world

We developed Small Talk for Kids to make language and culture come alive for children ages 0-5.  We also know Small Talk for Kids acts as a bridge to connect new immersion programs with community.  With Small Talk for Kids, add.a.lingua offers your school a way to“advertise” the benefits of immersion education by enrolling families in weekly Small Talk classes.  Introduce the community beyond the classroom to the the benefits of language learning by offering this fun-filled, non-threatening experience.  Participants connect with one another and the world (of language and culture).

Research suggests that babies are born as "global citizens."  Between 6-10 months of age babies begin to distinguish the sounds of their native language, preferring those sounds to the phonetics of other languages. Instead of allowing their marvelous brains to begin tuning out the multitude of sounds found in non-English languages, add.a.lingua believes in maintaining a babies natural positive response to world languages.

How does it work?

Small Talk classes provide a way to support exposure to languages other than English for families with children 0-5 years old.   add.a.lingua created Small Talk for Kids to be a self-contained early language-learning program that  can stand alone or enhance existing world language programs.   

What is included?

In addition to training and ongoing support, add.a.lingua offers a complete package of materials to begin Small Talk for Kids classes.  The Small Talk package includes the following materials: Lesson Plans, Activity Guide, Craft Guide, Vocabulary Posters, Vocabulary Cards, Flash Cards, Song Charts, Parent Handouts, Activity DVD, and Read Aloud Books.  

Why it promotes immersion?

Offering Small Talk classes within your school building draws parents and caregivers into the school each week as they participate with their newborn to five year old in an easy to follow “mini immersion” experience.  Small Talk classes allow parents a glimpse into the early language learning experience found in the school’s immersion program.

Through first-hand experience, parents who attend Small Talk classes begin to understand the ease with which young children adapt and excel in learning a world language.  Instead of questioning the idea of their baby or toddler someday enrolling in a language immersion program, they realize how much sense immersion education makes.  Immersion = No brainer!  Small Talk for Kids gets families from the community into your school and ensures the sustainability of your immersion program.  Small Talk for Kids heralds the message that exposure to languages other than English ensures children can remain in their natural state of “global citizenship.” 


Interested?  An add.a.lingua representative can talk you through the process of selecting a language (Mandarin, French, or Spanish), finding a teacher, explaining the eight-week-session cycles, and advertising this unique opportunity to exisiting and potential school families. Contact us for more information.