Lilah Ambrosi, co.founder

Lilah lives by these words:

 “What we know matters, but who we are matters more.” – Brené Brown

addalingua co.founder Lilah Ambrosi develops the systems and processes behind the addalingua core purpose – to inspire global empathy through education in two languages. Lilah sees the big picture and also the steps required to get there. When working with Lilah, you can expect her to request the executive summary, resolve inconsistencies, ask good questions, and ensure accurate formatting of all documents. 

Lilah studied Spanish and bilingual education at Aquinas College and earned her M.A. in educational leadership from Western Michigan University. She taught for many years within a pioneer Spanish immersion program in West Michigan. As the program rapidly grew and began to draw regional attention, her role shifted from facilitator of learning within the classroom to school leader committed to excellence for the entire program. 

Lilah met Stacey, her addalingua co.founder, at a Tom Petty concert in 2006. Their shared vision of inspiring global empathy through education in two languages connected them as friends and colleagues. Collaborating and working together to build and strengthen their own respective programs gave them intimate insights into the immersion-specific resources and professional learning the field lacked as a whole. Their working relationship and lengthy conversations about their past experiences informed the very first resources and processes developed by addalingua! 

Lilah’s greatest achievement since the inception of addalingua comes from the growing number of students in addalingua partner schools who are learning in two languages and developing their bilingual identities. The opportunities these students will have as adults to connect with linguistically and culturally diverse people and to grow in their capacity to empathize, regardless of their careers or life paths, inspires Lilah daily. 

Lilah has the privilege of being “Mom” to four beautiful, unique, amazing humans with her husband, Peter, who supports and strengthens her daily.  Lilah arrives to work super early and brings with her one of the addalingua wellness dogs, Addi, a cute, well-mannered, yet completely untrained standard poodle.

nickname: Lu

signature dish: gluten-free and dairy-free oat bread

super power: organizing

power play: addalingua 2009

favorite game to play: Ticket to Ride

enneagram personality type: 8