our wellness team

Walter lives by these words:

“Never trust a tall man with a backpack, and never let Stacey out of my sight.”

Walter, addalingua guard dog

addalingua guard dog Walter is in charge of policing the traffic in and out of addalingua property. Don’t worry, he is very understanding and will stop barking (and love you forever) if you talk to him in a high-pitched voice and get on his small, yet mighty level. Extra points if you take him on a walk and let him stop every time he insists on investigating. When working with Walter, be prepared for frequent face licks, adorable big eyes locked on you as you’re eating your lunch, and a certain face that means “pick me up and let my cuddle into a ball on your lap, please.”

addalingua co.founder, Stacey Vanden Bosch, found him on “the streets of Jackson, Michigan” and knew he would be a perfect addition to our team. Walter is a Rat Terrier, which as the name suggests gives him expertise in the area of rat control. His experience in this field has kept addalingua rat-free. Thank goodness for Walter.



Addi lives by these words:

“Excitedly run up to everyone like they’re a celebrity, and always push Walter’s buttons.”

Addi, the energizer

addalingua energizer dog Addi makes sure that every team member starts the day excited to change the field of dual language immersion education. More importantly, she ensures that we all feel loved and that we all have an on-call cuddle buddy. When working with Addi, be cognizant of her ability to distract you from your work. Her big, brown eyes and understanding face often times make it difficult to leave her therapy sessions.

addalingua co.founder, Lilah Ambrosi, brought Addi home as a new addition to her family, but then realized that Addi also played an important role in her work family as well. Addi is a well-behaved, untrained, extremely intelligent standard poodle. Her human intuition allows her to gauge our environment and the moods and needs of our people. If she senses that someone is stressed or upset, she will strategically rest her fluffy, warm body, and cold nose on you until you can’t help but smile.

yoga wellness

In addition to our wellness dogs, we have yoga every Monday, either on the dock or in our office, as a way of starting the week off right. It helps center and remind us that the present moment is important and powerful. We leave feeling refreshed, calm, and ready to inspire global empathy!



addalingua wellness instructor Tina Vanderklok is inspired by the ability yoga has to create a safe space for growth and transformation and yoga’s constant insistence that there is more to the journey. Tina has been practicing yoga for over a decade and, upon graduating from Prairie Yoga Institute in 2015, teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Meditation, Gentle, Yin and Restorative yoga classes as well as retreats. In an effort to deepen both her own understanding and practice of yoga and continue her growth as a teacher, she is currently completing her 500-hour teacher training.