Pamela Ratti, ceo

Pamela lives by these words:

“What gets measured, gets managed,” “sales overnight, brand overtime,”

and “failure to plan is a plan to fail.” – past bosses and colleagues 

addalingua ceo Pamela Ratti initially joined the team in the fall of 2018 as director of strategic business development with the crucial role of preparing addalingua to scale through updating our technology and product platforms as well as fine-tuning the entire sales funnel to attract new leads. When working with Pamela, anticipate a broad spectrum of knowledge and a unique perspective on problem solving with growth and innovation as the target end game.

Pamela received a B.A. in Economics and Spanish Literature and earned a Master’s fellowship in International Relations at the University of Miami. Principally a career CMO (chief marketing officer), Pamela dove right into her passion for international marketing by first spending eight years growing and rebranding the Intercontinental Hotels Group global loyalty program, nine years spearheading Rosetta Stone’s IPO and global expansion, two years rebranding Neurocore, and another two years helping Galvanize restructure to prepare for rapid growth. Pamela has a broad spectrum of industry knowledge from hospitality to health and wellness, but the majority of her experience has been related to forms of education: language acquisition, software engineering and data science bootcamps, and multiple strategic consultant projects with leading education companies.  


Through this experience, Pamela has gained a deep understanding of and appreciation for education. Her own bilingualism in Spanish and English and her proficiency in Italian (which she acquired when she married Northern Italian husband!) only augments her industry insights and strengths. In Pamela’s own words, she loves our mission, and “our drive to achieve it, regardless of the obstacles,” and she also appreciates “the desire for excellence – not only in our work, but for the partner school outcomes. addalingua cares about the kids, about the schools, about the planet and, ultimately, how we treat each other.” 

Pamela and her husband have four children – including young twin girls. When the whole family is together, you’ll commonly hear 4 languages at the dinner table: English, Spanish, German and Italian!

nickname: “La Flaca” and “Fadeproof”

signature dish: Dominican sancocho

Super power: intuition – her gut is her compass

Power play: Rosetta Stone IPO

Favorite game to play: SOR-RY!!!

enneagram personality type: 8