Stephanie Irizarry, director of instruction

Stephanie lives by these words:

“No se pueden hacer grandes cosas sin grandes amigos.” – José Martí

addalingua director of instruction Stephanie Irizarry spends her time drafting and overseeing curriculum framework and assessment development projects. When working with Stephanie, be prepared for 100% enlightenment on educational topics you thought you understood in easy to understand terms. The woman knows her stuff, and she knows her audience. 

Before diving into her passion for dual language immersion education, Stephanie received an undergraduate ​teacher certification in Spanish and Elementary Education. While we have been lucky to call Stephanie ours for the past four years, she has spent over 12 years teaching and coaching immersion instruction in K-12 public education. While teaching full time in the classroom, Stephanie went back to school to complete her M.Ed in Literacy Studies with an emphasis in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL),​ and an additional M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with Certification in Dual Language and Immersion Education.



Her devotion to student learning in two languages paired with her undeniable expertise and experience has given her an edge in developing professional learning modules for our five-year trajectory, developing culture standards for our partner schools, and facilitating our professional learning and workshops for new and existing programs. Stephanie brings an insane passion for student learning with a “go slow to go fast” mentality.

Stephanie was initially drawn to addalingua because we are EMPHATIC about what kids CAN do, and she keeps coming back because of the high standards we set for our immersion programs. In her own words, “it’s this constant drive to grow — personally AND professionally — that makes addalingua muy especial.” 

Stephanie and her Puerto Rican husband, David, are raising their two sons in a Spanish-only household, where they are encouraged to respect and appreciate their heritage. One of her greatest joys is watching her sons’ home and school environments celebrate the straddling of two cultures and two identities.

nicknames: la rubia and la pequeña gigante

signature dish: chicken noodle soup

super power: learner

power play: first generation graduate

favorite game to play: Basketball. Seriously, watch out. 

enneagram personality type: 6





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