curriculum design and professional learning specialist


addalingua resources existing schools with expertise, professional learning, and curricular materials to support the implementation of add.a.lingua programs. Currently serving 26 schools across the country, addalingua has grown steadily since 2009 thanks to the dedication of a small, but mighty team.


addalingua exists to inspire global empathy through education in two languages.

addalingua curriculum and professional learning designer

We are seeking educators eager to improve teaching and learning resources for students receiving extensive instruction through add.a.lingua programs. The person we’re looking for will exude passion for and knowledge about biliteracy and early literacy development, will have teaching experience in a variety of dual language immersion education contexts, and will join our team ready to “live on the edge,” at least professionally. If you obsessively strive for excellence but can spring back to “problem-solve-and-try-again” mode after a mistake, THIS is the job for you.

minimum qualifications

  • holds (or plans to hold) Master’s degrees in curriculum and instruction or second language acquisition
  • demonstrates understanding of the linguistic differences between Spanish and English and how the differences impact literacy instruction
  • can build units of study and lessons according to instructional counterbalance and backward design principles
  • values formative assessment and cross-lingual pedagogy that maintains the linguistic and contextual integrity of the languages of instruction
  • has superior language skills evidenced by ACTFL OPI and Writing Proficiency (WPT) assessment ratings
  • has experience with blended learning (preferred)

desired qualities – someone who . . .

  • navigates ambiguity with calm, recognizing the nature of an ever-evolving, dynamic company
  • self-manages time and prioritizes to ensure project advancement & completion
  • collaborates honestly and openly with colleagues to complete projects and tasks
  • honors others by keeping commitments and being timely
  • contributes actively to dialogue and discussion
  • seeks internal and external growth opportunities for self and organization
  • presses for clarity in a way that contributes to more efficient processes
  • expects to be pressed for clarity and to be challenged to think deeply
  • addresses dissonance amongst the team directly, in concordance with add.a.lingua core values
  • appreciates divergent ways of thinking and healthy conflict
  • proofreads carefully to avoid producing documents with errors
  • maintains an organized work space
  • notices formatting inconsistencies and corrects them
  • anticipates and meets the organization’s expectations of quality
  • commits to professional learning related to: adult learning, literacy development, second languageacquisition, technology and collaborative learning platforms

Even if you are not sure if you meet all of the requirements, but you have a learner’s spirit and meet most of the requirements, please contact us!

duties & responsibilities

This position will require overseeing and bringing to completion specific projects related to curriculum and instruction, responding to partner school needs in a professional and timely

manner, traveling to partner and workshop schools, facilitating in-person and virtual professional learning workshops, classroom labs, and educational meetings.

work with the director of instruction & support to . . .

  • answer partner care emails
  • conduct office hours
  • attend to client needs through phone calls and other interaction
  • facilitate in-person meetings, workshops and learning labs
  • evaluate current student and teacher materials to determine improvements and revisions
  • develop project proposals that include scope, anticipated costs, key milestones, and timeframe
  • review, edit, transcreate resources in add.a.lingua Spanish frameworks
    • –  edit documents as needed
    • –  participate in dialogue surrounding add.a.lingua frameworks
    • –  generate teacher tools and resources to accompany add.a.lingua frameworks
    • create and deliver endorsement processes and tools


  • salaried full-time position: compensation and benefits based on experience
  • provided technology: Mac computer, iPhone
  • expected start date: October 1, 2019

If you are interested and qualified, please email your resume to