addalingua 90-10 two-way program

. . . for schools with Spanish and English-speaking students.

The addalingua 90-10 two-way program works well in schools that have a relatively balanced population of Spanish and English-speaking students. This program includes instructional minutes in Spanish and English from preschool through 8th grade, weekly Spanish-specific instructional frameworks, and clear English-specific instructional guidelines to ensure students grow academically in both languages of instruction.

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How does it work?

The addalingua 90-10 two-way program provides Spanish and English-speaking students initial literacy instruction in Spanish. In kindergarten and first grade, students spend 90% of their instructional time in Spanish. They receive explicit English instruction for 10% of the school day, focused on listening and speaking. Explicit English instructional time increases incrementally from second through fifth grade until students receive 50% of instruction in each language.


What are the benefits?