addalingua early-total one-way program

. . . for schools with primarily English-speaking students.

The addalingua early-total one-way program works well in schools that have mostly English-speaking student populations. The program provides a clear articulation model that integrates both content and literacy instruction in Spanish during the early grades, gradually introducing English instruction (which incorporates skills that don’t transfer between the two languages) until students receive 50% of their instruction in each language.

Watch how an addalingua early-total one-way model inspires administrators, teachers, parents, and students.

How does it work?

The addalingua early-total one-way program provides a population of mostly English-speaking students initial literacy instruction in Spanish. Students also receive all their academic instruction in Spanish in kindergarten through second grade. In third grade, students receive a small percentage of content area instruction in English which highlights language features that don’t transfer between Spanish and English. English instructional time increases incrementally until students receive 50% of instruction in each language.


What are the benefits?