Logan Wright, sales and marketing specialist

Logan Lives by these words:

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” – Mother Teresa

addalingua marketing specialist Logan Wright nurtures and supports new and existing partner schools through the addalingua partnership pathway. She also develops and maintains the sales funnel and everything social media. When working with Logan, get ready for never-ending curiosity, and an eagerness to share, connect, and collaborate with the intention of effecting meaningful change.

Logan graduated from Denison University in May 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Global Commerce. Her major’s focus was on the interconnected nature between globalization, language, and culture. During college, she traveled to Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua for four months, where she discovered the power of connecting with people in their home language. Her college jobs and internship experiences in tutoring, program organizing, admissions, and non-profit work complement her commitment to education, language, and working towards a greater cause.




 When Logan first learned of addalingua, she was instantly drawn to the mission of inspiring global empathy and to the team’s unwavering belief that how we educate our society influences how we treat each other, whether it be our neighbors next door, or our neighbors across the world. Logan joined addalingua in June 2019 and immediately internalized and lived by the addalingua mission and purpose. She devoted her fresh perspective and hunger for new knowledge to building the new addalingua website.

nicknames: Loie, Lo Lo, Log, Loggie, Logger (literally any combination imaginable, but she prefers just Logan).

signature dish: anything store bought

super power: personable, warm, open-minded

power play: living in Central America with no prior knowledge of the language, but being vulnerable enough to immerse herself in the culture – language and all

favorite game to play: twister

enneagram personality type: 3, 6