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measuring impact in achievement, culture, and conversation

We celebrate partner school successes big and small: from the first words your students speak in a second language to the first class of addalingua program graduates. addalingua is dedicated to implementing grade-level formative and summative assessments that measure Spanish language development and cultural competency. These evaluations compliment state or district required assessments in English so that our partner schools are given a comprehensive picture of student growth – in both languages. School leaders and teachers use this information to pinpoint areas of concern, differentiate instruction, and communicate effectively with families.

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addalingua programs set the standard

three goals

We’ve designed addalingua programs to make sure students reach three goals:

  1. academic achievement equal to or greater than monolingual peers
  2. grade-level biliteracy
  3. cultural competence

challenges to success

Though most dual language and immersion schools want students to reach these same goals, creating the environment they need to do so is challenging discussed in a 2015 report conducted for the U.S. Department of Education.

  • inconsistent terminology related to bilingual, dual language, and immersion education makes it difficult for schools to choose program design, instructional practices, and assessments in line with promised student outcomes 
  • a shortage of dual language immersion teachers with sufficient proficiency in languages other than English
  • high stakes testing requirements in English that fail to consider the developmental process of two-language learners
  • instructional resources directly translated from English that fail to account for the contextual and linguistic integrity of a given language 

Without clear guidelines and deep understanding of second language acquisition in K-12 education, even school teams with the best intentions can inadvertently develop dual language programs that set students up to pay a high price. 

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addalingua program standards

our partner schools

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