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hispanic appreciation

There is a family in our school that is so passionate about Latino culture. They have embraced the culture and the language throughout the years at school. Their girl is in Bailables Folklóricos, sus hijos están siempre de charros, etc… long story short, their dad did not want to go to one of those events and one time their dad said to them “These events are for Hispanic people.” The girl promptly replied “I’m Latina dad! I speak Spanish!” If you would know these kids you would think they are latinos by the way they talk and interact with our Hispanic community here in West Michigan. They have attended a Hispanic church so they can get to know different ways they can learn from the Hispanic community.

As a teacher, I love to hear these stories because enough has been said about the different ways we can help Hispanic people but honestly, who said they needed help? It is time for us to teach families the fantastic traits we can learn from Hispanic people. This girl continues to attend dance classes, which has opened doors for her to learn more about different cultures. She is not afraid of being in public and is now our main character in plays at school. 

teacher – Zeeland Christian

bilingual achievement

I have 24 years of experience and have played many roles within the education sector; I have been a teacher, director, educational coach, university professor, and project manager, but I have never had an experience similar to that of teaching kindergarten in a Spanish immersion program. I am from Puerto Rico and have taught in Spanish all of my life. I have been in Indiana for about a year and a half, and this experience is unique, because no other children could compare to my students.

Their level of deep thinking is unique, and I have been able to develop them in ways that I had never been able to develop any of my former students. If I compare them with native Spanish-speaking students in kindergarten, they are on another level. Their respect of the language, their brotherhood, teamwork, and their respect for the diversity of cultures is simply wonderful.

teacher – Crown Point Christian School

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