Effectively train and educate your immersion teachers.

learning opportunities with addalingua

While many leaders want to build and maintain successful immersion programs, it can be difficult to know exactly how to train and educate your teachers and your school community. In an effort to make immersion-specific education and training more accessible to programs across the U.S., we are  building immersion-specific professional learning for leaders and teachers.

Introducing addalingua certification: professional learning sequence for dual language classroom educators

level 1: aligning to program standards  Explore the impact of program standards on student capacity to meet three goals: cultural competency, bilingualism/biliteracy, and academic achievement.

level 2: applying standards-based practices  Implement strategies that establish counterbalanced instruction and high expectations for target language use as primary practices to increase student proficiency.

level 3: creating a culture of collective responsibility.  Build a roadmap of support structures that promote unity around program standards and provide students with an environment that values cultural competency, bilingualism/biliteracy, and academic achievement.


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