dual language development: exploring bilingual identity development

Is your school promoting the acquisition of a second language, but lacking the direction needed to boost your students' language proficiency?

addalingua has a tried and true method for helping students achieve biliteracy in both languages.

This workshop explores LIOPT (the Language of Instruction Only Policy and Timeline), an addalingua method implemented in over twenty-five addalingua partner schools. Learn how to establish a classroom culture that helps students remain in the language of instruction. Explore the tried and true pedagogy to ensure students develop sufficient Spanish proficiency in order to master grade-level content.

Immersion staff will learn the importance of acquiring a language intentionally and well. By teaching Spanish language and literacy in the way they are intended to be taught, students are able to access content area instruction even more deeply – across languages.

addalingua is eager to equip your school with an invaluable tool set by way of the workshop “dual language development: exploring bilingual identity development.” Join our team as we advocate for a deep and authentic understanding of a second language. 

Interested in learning more about what dual language development is and how it can inform and improve your existing immersion program? Click below to read about addalingua quality quadrants.

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