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The addalingua Difference

Over the past decade, we’ve heard enough stories from our partner schools to know that addalingua programs are changing lives. Our dual language immersion programs do more than prepare students for academic and linguistic success in two languages. They do more than scratch the surface of another culture.

addalingua is a social impact organization that exists to inspire global empathy – the ability to understand and accept the feelings of others, including those most different from us – through education in two languages. We believe that ALL students should have the opportunity to do school in two languages.

Inspire Global Empathy - Through Language

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90-10 Two-Way

The addalingua 90-10 two-way program works well in schools with a relatively balanced population of Spanish and English-speaking students.

Early-Total One-Way

The addalingua early-total one-way program works well in schools that have mostly English-speaking students in the classroom.

What Is Dual Language Immersion Education?

And what are its guidelines for success?


Dual language immersion education is a method of educating students in an instructional setting that allows them to acquire a second language through subject content instruction, educational discourse, and social interaction in the second language for at least 50% of the academic day (Cloud et al., 2000).


All addalingua programs are steadfast in the following three goals:

  1. grade-level biliteracy
  2. cultural competence
  3. academic achievement commensurate with or above that of similar student populations within the same school or district

Commitment to upholding the these three goals ensures that addalingua programs are additive, not subtractive in nature. Additive programs follow quality guidelines and demonstrate student outcomes that reflect grade-level literacy skills in two languages rather than one. In other words, students become proficient in a second language at NO COST to their home language.

addalingua frameworks help everything connect.”

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