starting a successful dual language immersion program

building unique programs to fit the needs of your learning community

Dual language immersion education brings a world of opportunity to your learners. We specialize in creating unique programs to fit the needs of both monolingual and bilingual learning communities, ensuring the range of experiences and backgrounds that define your students not only help them learn but also help them thrive. We also work with school systems that already have immersion programs in place, giving you the tools and support you need to keep your teachers inspired, make learning more effective, and better your outcomes.

choosing the right addalingua program

  • 90-10 two-way

    The addalingua 90-10 two-way program works well in schools with a relatively balanced population of Spanish and English-speaking students.
  • workshops

    Workshops are tailored to fit the needs of schools that are already implementing dual language and immersion programs.

experiencing the addalingua difference

becoming an addalingua partner school

We are NOT a curriculum company offering you a stack of resources.

We are NOT educational consultants only offering opinions and wishing you “good luck” with your program.

We ARE a partnership organization committed to the success of our partner schools and the students they serve.

It begins with leadership (yours and ours).

We seek school leaders that want to close achievement gaps, prepare students for a global workforce, and honor the backgrounds, cultures, and languages students bring with them to school. We find leaders with a fire in their belly to make learning in two (or more!) languages the new norm. We want leaders willing to roll up their sleeves and put the needs of students first.

It includes fantastic resources and support.

We realize the complexity of implementing dual language immersion programs. Based in experience and supported by research, we provide partner schools with:

  1. research-based grade-level linguistic frameworks that work with their chosen curriculum
  2. a five-year cycle of direct training and “job-embedded” professional learning resulting in resume-worthy certification
  3. an online platform for formative assessment delivery and student data tracking
  4. ongoing support from our instructional specialists
  5. access to a growing, collaborative network of immersion educators

It means a commitment to high standards.

We set unapologetically high standards. We see students meet and exceed the expectations set before them, and we see educators demonstrate incredible capacity for growth. We provide partner schools with research-based standards and success indicators and the resources to meet them. As our partner schools increase their own level of expertise, opportunities exist for guided self-evaluation and ultimately, addalingua program endorsement.

getting started with addalingua

Over the last decade, we have helped dozens of communities around the nation explore, launch, and grow successful addalingua programs. Our comprehensive new partner pathway assists communities as they lay the groundwork for successful implementation of an addalingua 90-10 two-way or early-total one-way program. Our instructional resources and ongoing support mean that as an addalingua partner, you’re never alone.

If you want more information about starting an addalingua program, please continue to explore by clicking on the addalingua program that best describes your community below.

If you lead or teach in an existing immersion program, check out our four unique workshops.

Still not sure where to begin? Take the addalingua pathfinder survey below and we’ll let you know what path is right for your learning community.

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affording addalingua

The costs of partnering with addalingua are based primarily on the number of adults who will need access to addalingua resources and training. Brand new immersion programs should plan on first year costs approximating that of a part-time teacher’s aide, but if you’d like a more comprehensive cost estimate, use the contact form to get in touch and we can discuss your unique scenario.


using title money to pay for addalingua services

Many of our partner schools, as well as schools seeking immersion workshops, utilize federal title monies to pay for all or a portion of addalingua services. We assist schools as they navigate this process.

afford addalingua

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