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As former dual language educators and school leaders in dual language immersion programs, we understand that starting and growing successful programs can be complex and challenging. We founded addalingua to put our professional experience to work by developing resources that help schools:

  • promote a dual language-ready school culture
  • find and develop proficient teachers
  • educate and empower the school community
  • ensure students achieve academically in two languages while becoming culturally competent 

We launched addalingua over a decade ago in order to share our collective experience with other educators who were facing these same challenges.

Our core purpose is to inspire global empathy through education in two languages. We achieve this by implementing quality dual language immersion programs into school systems.


Dual language immersion education is a method of educating students in an instructional setting that allows them to acquire a second language through subject content instruction, educational discourse, and social interaction in the second language for at least 50% of the academic day (Cloud et al., 2000). 


All addalingua programs are steadfast in the following three goals:

  1. academic achievement equal to or greater than monolingual peers
  2. grade-level biliteracy
  3. cultural competency

Commitment to upholding the these three goals ensures that addalingua partner programs are additive, not subtractive in nature. Additive programs follow quality guidelines and demonstrate student outcomes that reflect grade-level literacy skills in two languages rather than one. In other words, students become proficient in a second language at NO COST to their home language.

Our approach is simple. We establish long-term partnerships with schools. Yes – we really are in it for the long haul. We stick by your side. Any successful partnership has two equally important participants.

On one side of the partnership, we, addalingua, provide schools with the addalingua programs, rigorous standards, extensive professional learning, resources for teaching and learning, and ongoing support through online office hours and partner care.

On the other side of the partnership, our partner schools dive in and bring addalingua programs to life in their communities. They participate enthusiastically in the five-year professional learning sequence, attend addalingua events, reach out when they need advice, and collaborate with other addalingua school colleagues on the same journey. We have more than a decade of experience to prove that it really does “take two to tango” to achieve the best results. 

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    Our story is what drives our passion for dual language immersion education and is what motivates our genuine relationships with partner schools. If you are interested in discovering what inspires addalingua programs, click to learn more.

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Here at addalingua, our mission is to inspire global empathy through education in two languages, and we tirelessly work to make this mission a realityRead more about the people on our team who are creating national and international change through their unique set of experiences and passions.

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    Read about the people who keep us up-to-date on the best dual language immersion research, give us support and feedback within the education system, and allow us to successfully continue our mission.

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