Our Approach

As former dual language immersion educators and school leaders in dual language immersion programs, we understand that starting and growing successful programs can be complex and challenging. We founded addalingua to put our professional experience to work by developing resources that help schools:

  • promote a dual language-ready school culture
  • find and develop proficient teachers
  • educate and empower the school community
  • ensure students achieve academically in two languages while becoming culturally competent

But, quality resources alone are not enough. To make sure they contribute to addalingua’s core purpose: to inspire global empathy through education in two languages, we find sold out leaders wanting more for their English-learner and English dominant students than what traditional education provides. By forming partnerships with such school leaders and their teams, we launch and grow addalingua programs, believing that “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Hellen Keller.

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Our Team

Here at addalingua, our mission is to inspire global empathy through education in two languages, and we work tirelessly to make this mission a reality for our partner schools. Read more about the people on our team who are creating national and international change through their unique set of experiences and passions.

Stacey Vanden Bosch

addalingua Co-Founder

Stacey has her hands in the development of program standards and instructional resources. When working with Stacey, prepare for rapid-fire communication and honest feedback. Though many clients find her intense (we prefer passionate), they also know Stacey will jump through hoops to come up with creative solutions or to resolve issues.

Stacey holds a Master’s Degree in Romance Linguistics with a focus on Second Language Acquisition from the University of Washington and a certificate in Dual Language and Immersion Education from the University of Minnesota. Besides studying, traveling, and volunteering in many Spanish-speaking countries, she has held teaching positions as adjunct faculty and delivered Spanish or world language methods courses at Seattle Pacific University, University of Washington, Hope College, and Aquinas College. Stacey also founded the first private school Spanish and Chinese dual language immersion programs in Michigan, where the program grew from 60 to 400 students.

Stacey’s family rules her heart (and sometimes her mood). Her two almost-adult children who, despite being labeled “gen Z,” continually humble her with their insight into people and their capacity to feel and love big. Her husband, though he can humble her too, mostly encourages her, balancing her passion and drive with his pragmatism and practicality.

Stacey lives by these words:

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” 

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Lilah Ambrosi

addalingua Co-Founder

Lilah Ambrosi develops the systems and processes behind the addalingua core purpose – to inspire global empathy through education in two languages. Lilah sees the big picture and also the steps required to get there. When working with Lilah, you can expect her to request the executive summary, resolve inconsistencies, ask good questions, and ensure accurate formatting of all documents.

Lilah studied Spanish and bilingual education at Aquinas College and earned her M.A. in educational leadership from Western Michigan University. She taught for many years within a pioneer Spanish immersion program in West Michigan. As the program rapidly grew and began to draw regional attention, her role shifted from facilitator of learning within the classroom to school leader committed to excellence for the entire program.

Lilah has the privilege of being “Mom” to four beautiful, unique, amazing humans with her husband, Peter, who supports and strengthens her daily. Lilah arrives to work super early and brings with her one of the addalingua wellness dogs, Addi, a cute, well-mannered, yet completely untrained standard poodle.

Lilah lives by these words:

“What we know matters, but who we are matters more.”

– Brené Brown

Pamela Ratti


addalingua ceo Pamela Ratti initially joined the team in the fall of 2018 as director of strategic business development with the crucial role of preparing addalingua to scale through updating our technology and product platforms as well as fine-tuning the entire sales funnel to attract new leads. When working with Pamela, anticipate a broad spectrum of knowledge and a unique perspective on problem-solving with growth and innovation as the target end game.

Pamela received a B.A. in Economics and Spanish Literature and earned a Master’s fellowship in International Relations at the University of Miami. Principally a career CMO (chief marketing officer), Pamela dove right into her passion for international marketing by first spending eight years growing and rebranding the Intercontinental Hotels Group global loyalty program, nine years as part of the executive team that spearheaded Rosetta Stone’s IPO and global expansion, two years rebranding Neurocore, and another two years helping prime Galvanize for rapid growth. Pamela has a broad spectrum of industry knowledge from hospitality to health and wellness, but the majority of her experience has been related to forms of education: language acquisition, software engineering, and data science boot camps, and multiple strategic consultant projects with leading education companies.

Pamela and her husband have four children – including young twin girls. When the whole family is together, you’ll commonly hear 4 languages at the dinner table: English, Spanish, German and Italian!

Pamela lives by these words:

“Sales overnight, brand overtime.”

Stephanie Irizarry

Director of Instruction

Stephanie spends her time drafting and overseeing curriculum framework and assessment development projects. When working with Stephanie, be prepared for 100% enlightenment on educational topics you thought you understood in easy-to-understand terms. The woman knows her stuff, and she knows her audience.

Before diving into her passion for dual language immersion education, Stephanie received an undergraduate teacher certification in Spanish and Elementary Education. While we have been lucky to call Stephanie ours for the past four years, she has spent over 12 years teaching and coaching immersion instruction in K-12 public education. While teaching full time in the classroom, Stephanie went back to school to complete her M.Ed in Literacy Studies with an emphasis in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and an additional M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction with Certification in Dual Language and Immersion Education.

Stephanie and her Puerto Rican husband, David, are raising their two sons in a Spanish-only household, where they are encouraged to respect and appreciate their heritage. One of her greatest joys is watching her sons’ home and school environments celebrate the straddling of two cultures and two identities.

Stephanie lives by these words:

“No se pueden hacer grandes cosas sin grandes amigos.”

– José Martí

Lindsay Peralta

Executive Assistant & Systems Manager

Lindsay Peralta is the “right-hand woman” to our co.founders, and the “go-to-girl” for our team members and our partner schools. When working with Lindsay, expect her to organize anything you throw at her, to spot any little mistake or necessary detail, to play the right music at the right time, and to bring much needed peace and serenity to any high-stress situation.

Lindsay fostered her bilingualism and love for teaching at Grand Valley State University where she left with a major in Spanish and a minor in elementary education, as well as a graduate degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She learned the ins and outs of education in two languages after spending two years teaching in the Dominican Republic and then ten years teaching in a Spanish Immersion program here in Holland, Michigan.

There is nothing more important to Lindsay than her family. She and her two daughters, Lucy and Matilda (Tilly), love to sing, dance, read, build forts, and spend time by the water, especially at their cottage up north.

Lindsay lives by these words:

“Live simply, love abundantly, work hard and play hard.”

“We can do hard things.”

– Glennon Doyle