Spanish Language Frameworks:
 No more guesswork!


Interested in consistent language development across grade levels?

The Spanish Language Frameworks provide teachers with common language targets, mini-lessons, and instructional tools to support program alignment and student proficiency.


Wondering how to keep language instruction focused on salient grammar structures and word features?

The Spanish Language Frameworks follow a structural scope and sequence from preschool through 8th grade to make distributive language practice a reality across content areas in each grade level.


Ready to make balancing content with language instruction more efficient?

The Spanish Language Frameworks offer teachers a clear picture of which language features are addressed in each grade level so they can use planning and instructional time to build on what students already know and not wonder what they might know.

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Product Details
  • Weekly language targets, student-friendly definitions, and accompanying mini-lessons per grade level (30 weeks)
  • Counterbalanced instructional cycle and digital planning tool
  • Instructional supports (word sorts, diario lingüístico, vocabulary cards, and more)
  • Authentic mentor text toolkit for each grade level that highlights cultural themes and contextualizes preselected tier 2 and 3 vocabulary and weekly grammar structures
  • Resource embedded “how-to” vignettes