addalingua a la carte: workshops designed FOR and BY dual language immersion educators

January 31, 2017

addalingua believes in a K-12 education future characterized by multilingual learning…and we never tire of sharing how quality dual language immersion (dli) education transforms the lives of not only students, but also of their families. (Check out Maria Alvarado Ibarra’s story.)

Though we’ve had the privilege of learning from stories like Maria’s because of our long-term partnerships with add.a.lingua dli programs/schools, we also recognize that such partnerships may not always be possible given certain school contexts, timeframes and goals.

Regardless, we’re still on the same dli education journey–a journey that might also be called a mission–to promote:

  • student bilingualism/biliteracy,
  • cross-cultural competency and
  • academic achievement in more than one language.


a la carte workshops designed FOR and BY dual language immersion educators

Our new initiative, workshops reflects this realization and offers those on the journey a menu of dli-specific workshops based on our conversations with committed dli administrators and educators LIKE YOU.

our approach

The workshop topics, resources, and planning meetings have evolved from our former roles as dli administrators and educators as well as from our experiences working with hundreds of dli teachers and leaders across states (and countries). But, we are FLEXIBLE! Our team wants to design professional learning experiences that meet your unique needs.  

So, though the content of each workshop might change based on your guidance, how we facilitate won’t. You can rely on us to design workshop experiences filled with multiple opportunities for reflection and dialogue. Because we KNOW that EVERY dli educator wants to understand how to focus on instruction to positively impact student learning, we honor the knowledge and experience that exists in the room.

To get the full impact, our workshops are best experienced over two days, but we can work with your schedule to help you meet your goals.

what educators are saying

“One more thing about the addalingua training that I think is unique, I feel like it is very reflective. I feel like we are presented with information, and then we are allowed time and space to integrate the new knowledge into our own thinking…addalingua is very intentional about giving us time to reflect and integrate the knowledge into our practice, so I appreciate that.” – Christa, middle school immersion teacher

“addalingua is an investment in professional development, and one that is paying off in student achievement.” – Dr. Brian Davis, Superintendent, HPS

let’s talk

Whether you’re a leader or teacher with extensive experience or someone new to the field, we’d love to hear from you. Just press the link below and we’ll be in touch.

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