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March 6, 2018

We take professional learning very seriously. So seriously that we have developed a five year professional learning and addalingua certification cycle for our partner teachers, administrators and point people. Yes, you read correctly – FIVE YEARS!

addalingua pd – flexible. differentiated. immersion specific.

We know that there are very few (as in less than four) colleges or universities in the U.S. that offer a degree or certificate in dual language immersion education. That’s why a major focus of our mission is equipping educators with the skills and tools to build high quality dual language immersion programs – because they won’t get this training anywhere else!

As we shared last spring, due to the need for greater flexibility, we’ve partnered with the folks at to create an intuitive, collaborative, and user-friendly pd experience. Offering differentiated professional learning that can be tackled asynchronously has been game changing for our immersion partner programs.


150 new immersion lessons (and growing)

In the past nine months, we’ve released over 150 LESSONS for our partner educators! Not only that, but we continue to build our learning library which includes supplemental content covering topics relevant to our immersion partners. Some examples include:

  1. English Specific Skills (ESS) introduction examples – this lesson includes videos, sample plans, pictures, ideas and schedules for the English portion of our program models (early total one-way; 90-10 two-way)
  2. English Specific Skills (ESS) in the content area – this lessons helps teachers understand how to embed the English Specific Skills into the context of a science lesson
  3. intervention guidelines for the struggling learner in the immersion context – this lesson includes an interview with Dr. Tara Fortune, co-author of Struggling Learners and Language Immersion Education: Research-Based, Practitioner-Informed Responses to Educators’ Top Questions
  4. how to hire, develop and keep a quality immersion teacher team – this lesson includes practical suggestions and tools for administrators trying to build stellar teams

how educators are responding to addalingua pd

As we continue to explore creative ways to bring our addalingua professional learning and certification to the next level, we are grateful to be in partnership with such dedicated educators.

The response and feedback has been outstanding:

“The information on prompting students and providing corrective feedback was very helpful. It put many great ideas in my back pocket that I plan to incorporate into my lesson plans.”

“Great to see and reflect on where I was on the scale of teaching, focusing on where to improve in order to reach refinement.”

“It really was good to reflect on what I see in the classroom. The number of times that I think about what didn’t get done or what could have been done is countless. The number times that I’ve taken to reflect and think about the fruit of the work that we are fortunate to do in the classroom is few. This was uplifting.”

Looking for learning opportunities for your immersion teaching or leadership team? Let’s talk.

Are you interested in learning more about how addalingua partners with schools communities to language and grow quality dual language immersion programs? Are you looking for professional learning opportunities for your teaching team?


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