Spanish iPad apps and games from addalingua

December 2, 2014

We’ve seen and heard a few requests for iPad apps or learning games that incorporate the use of a second language. So, we decided to begin a resource list for you. This list is by no means complete, but hopefully it gives you a starting point for games and tools that bring language learning into your home this holiday season.

Please feel free to share with us any additional games or tools that you have found. We would be happy to include them here for others to follow:


  • Free Rice – en español
  • Vocabulary Flashcards – a webpage that allows children to play with vocabulary words (PreK or K: bonus you can switch to French, German or Italian with one click)
  • Around the World – a math practice game that can be ability adjusted for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (early elementary)
  • SuperSaber – a highly interactive website containing various language/spelling related games (early elementary)
  • Read Aloud Stories – interactive website with stories for children with matching comprehension activities (Pre-K or K)
  • Brain Pop – a highly interactive website (sometimes requiring you to search a bit for the free materials) with movies, games, and activities across all academic disciplines and levels (elementary)
  • Ebooks – a website containing a varied selection of e-books to read (elementary) including pictures
  • Short Stories with accompanying video (requires subscription to access) – a website with many stories read in Spanish and animated (Pre-K and K)
  • Play and Learn Language – an interactive website that allows children to play with basic concepts like colors, numbers, letters, capital and lowercase, etc (pre-K)
  • Little Pim Spanish – This is a program that can be purchased and downloaded to an iPad/iPod (early childhood/Pre-K)
  • ABC Mágico 2 – A very basic app for letters, numbers and colors (early childhood/Pre-K)
  • Spanish Baby Flashcards – A very basic app for young language learners (early childhood)
  • Cuentos para Dormir – a website with a wealth of resources, 30+ ebooks and activities for a wide variety of ages
  • Kandoobi – Animales – an app with coloring pages, activities and learning games in Spanish (Pre-K)
  • Lee paso a paso – basic reading skills for children learning Spanish (Pre-K/Kinder)
  • Spanish Playground – an app that teaches the Spanish words for toys (ages 6-8)
  • Rockalingua – fun musical apps for younger children
  • Disney Shows in Spanish
  • Interactive app that teaches time-telling (ages 4-6)
  • The story of dracolino an interactive app that helps children learn about emotional competency (ages 3-6)
  • Los pollitos dicen – entertainment app for toddlers that helps develop language and motor skills, based on the popular song “Los pollitos dicen.” (early childhood)
  • Peekaboo Barn -Interactive app with multiple language features that helps children learn names of animals and sounds (early childhood)
  • Additional lists of apps to try (some are for learning Spanish but could be helpful as children practice)

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