time to meet our newest partner in immersion, Royal Legacy Christian Academy

June 21, 2018

We’ve helped school communities across the nation launch quality immersion programs to operate alongside their existing English strands, but in the case of addalingua’s newest immersion partner, Royal Legacy Christian Academy, we’re supporting a brand new school launch.

Royal Legacy Christian Academy joins growing community of addalingua partner schools

Royal Legacy Christian Academy co-founders, Chassidi Martin (L) and Kendall Helmer (R)

Royal Legacy Christian Academy, founded by longtime friends Chassidi Martin and Kendall Helmer, will be starting an early total one-way Spanish immersion program this fall, with an initial k – 1 split class offering. They’ll also have an English strand for older students.





After speaking with addalingua co-founders and touring our other partner school in Iowa, Pella Christian Grade School, Kendall Helmer and Chassidi Martin agreed that the timing was right to partner with addalingua to launch and grow their Spanish immersion program this fall:

“We have seen firsthand the excellent outcomes addalingua has been able to help produce in other schools, and we can’t wait to see the amazing results in our own students at Royal Legacy Christian Academy, as we begin our first year as a new school with a Spanish immersion program. Having a high quality program that produces authentic and competent users of the language will open many doors for the future graduates of RLCA!”  – Kendall Helmer

“We love the mission and vision of Royal Legacy Christian Academy–how they’re really aiming to be serve their linguistically and socio-economically diverse community. It’s a joy to support them as they launch their initial add.a.lingua Spanish immersion class this fall, and we’re excited to partner with them as they grow in the years ahead.” – Stacey Vanden Bosch, addalingua co-founder

“Helping a school community build an immersion program while they’re also building a school is a first for us, but we couldn’t be happier to partner with Royal Legacy Christian Academy in this effort. Their teaching team will have access to great resources, training, and support from add.a.lingua’s instructional specialists, and we have every confidence that this program will be a blessing to the families they serve and the Waterloo community.” – Lilah Ambrosi, addalingua co-founder

Reach out to learn more about Royal Legacy Christian Academy here.

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