ways to help your child prepare for an online session

June 3, 2020

Identify a strong wifi connection (either in your home or in a school/district provided location).

Provide your child with a laptop, i-pad, or another technology device – the bigger the better. (If you don’t have access to a device, talk to your school about borrowing one for the duration of the camp.)

Help your child feel comfortable with zoom by using the free version to practice things like where to look into the camera, how to mute and unmute themselves, etc.

Find a quiet place for your child to participate away from external distractions.

Make sure your child has eaten prior to the session – food helps brains stay focused!

Log in a few minutes prior to each session start time – every minute counts!

Explain to your child that throughout the week, the teacher will make sure EVERY student has an opportunity to individually participate at least once and not to be discouraged if not called upon Day 1.

Let your child know it’s a multi-age group and that some students will understand and know more than others; our teachers will do their very best to make it interesting for all!

Help your child understand that some of the books may be more interesting than others because everyone has different taste.

Encourage your child to have FUN, and not to worry about understanding every word – it’s OK!

Remind your child to help make the camp a positive experience for all by following the agreements outlined on Day 1 by the teacher.