addalingua podcast: features of a gold standard dual language immersion program

October 13, 2015

October is Connected Educator month, and we’re delighted to join in the discussion surrounding global education and diversity in the classroom at the invitation of VIF International Education. (Get a full listing of events and happenings on this topic here.)

I (Chris) caught up with add.a.lingua co-founder Stacey Vanden Bosch this week to discuss the nexus of dual language immersion education (DLI) and global preparedness. We drilled down on key indicators that Stacey would expect to see in a gold standard DLI program. In other words, if these types of behaviors are present at the program and classroom level, you can be confident that the school is in pursuit of excellence.

If you’d like to join the ongoing conversation about global education, feel free to contact us though the link below or participate on twitter using #globaled.